Do You Feel like No One is Really Listening?

Perceptive Recruiting is different than other companies you might have worked with, providing White Glove service to our clients. We work with an exclusive list to ensure we maintain focus on your needs, providing top talent that has the specific skillset and cultural fit your team needs. We work with you start to finish, from the initial meeting through to your new employee's first weeks on the job. Your success is our top priority, and our job isn't done until your needs are met.

High Caliber Staffing, Rooted in Tradition.

We utilize traditional recruiting techniques while also working with the newest technology, like AI, to ensure we are finding every qualified candidate for your open roles. We have the tools and the bandwidth to source, evaluate, and present the best of the best to you so your team can get back to focusing on their day to day. We also have a unique understanding of the most cutting edge technology and Upstate IT talent so you don't have to navigate the pool to find the perfect fit.

We Understand Culture

This portrait was created after Jill donated to a HR foundation and became a fun concept for the team. We selected a place to hang it and we laugh every time we walk by. We create a culture of relaxed enjoyment, morning meetings where we tell stories and go over daily business objectives. Training is part of a daily routine, learning new technologies and concepts. Our goal is to be a part of your team, with a solid foundation in HR and tech, we focus on finding the right fit the first time.

Client Testimonials

Our organization has used Perceptive Recruiting numerous times to fill technical openings. When a sudden need to fill specialized positions came up, Jill and her team at Perceptive were quickly able to send resumes of several qualified candidates. In a short time, the candidates accepted offers of employment. Jill's ability to find two high quality candidates with the right technical ability and personality fit on such short notice is remarkable. Thanks Perceptive Recruiting!

Doug H., Engineering Manager

Jill, you and your team are lifesavers! The quality of the candidates have been outstanding compared to other recruiting firms we have worked with. Thank you for helping us!

Therese W., Software Development Manager

[Director of Application Development] truly enjoyed working with you and stated that it was the best experience and best candidates received from a recruiting agency that she’s experienced. She certainly would like the chance to utilize your services again as the need arises.

HR Business Partner & Director of Application Development

"Perceptive Recruiting has given me extensive training so that I can understand client needs, then turn around to identify desired skills in candidates. We regularly have discussions about new best practices or policies in both recruiting and Human Resources, and consistently work together to evolve strategies while still maintaining our traditional recruiting touch. Our managers are always willing and available to give advice and guide us from their many years of experience in the industry."

"Over the past few years at Perceptive Recruiting, I’ve grown my skillset and I feel grateful to be part of a caring organization. I’ve had the opportunity to learn technology, the local economy, and how to use my critical thinking to solve complex business problems. Perceptive does a great job of valuing employees' time and leveraging their skills. It’s satisfying knowing your work impacts people’s lives. I deeply appreciate the connections I’ve made and I’m excited to see what the future holds!"