The Perceptive Difference

What is the Perceptive Difference?

Perceptive Recruiting isn’t interested in cookie-cutter staffing services. Instead, we’ve brought together a group of individuals with extensive corporate Human Resources experience and a deep understanding of the needs of companies hiring technical staff and individuals seeking jobs in high-demand fields like network engineering and software development.

With our expertise in the process of locating and hiring talented technology professionals and a focus on building long-lasting relationships with our client companies and with tech talent looking for the next amazing opportunity, we’re uniquely situated to provide an insight and flexibility you won’t find anywhere else.

We’ll design a pricing package that works for you, with the end result that you’ll spend less time struggling to fill staffing requirements and more time to focus on building your company.

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Our Capabilities & Technology

We use our technology to leverage our expertise in identifying both skilled and culturally compatible professionals for our clients.

Our Candidate Qualification Package provides a professional assessment, the candidate’s resume, and video interview footage, which allows managers to quickly identify the right candidate. By sending the top candidates within 5 business days, time to fill jobs is significantly reduced.

We recruit on technology jobs every hiring manager needs, while partnering as an extension of their HR department.

What Sets Perceptive Recruiting Above the Rest?

Our Technical Expertise is Second to None

Technical recruiting with short-term, permanent placement, and contract-to-hire is all we do. It’s our focus and our mission, and our experiences have helped us to excel in locating the perfect talented IT professionals to match your company’s technology recruiting and IT staffing needs.

Jill Rose, Perceptive Recruiting’s President, worked in HR for IT companies and with a regional IT staffing firm. This gives her a deep insight into the frustrations faced by hiring managers trying to find talent that fits well within a company’s internal culture.

Perceptive Recruiting Focuses on Service And Success

We build long-lasting relationships with companies and with tech talent to ensure long-term success for all. If your company succeeds thanks to the qualified, experienced IT professionals we’ve sent your way, then we succeed.

In order to ensure all parties are best able to connect, we’re happy to provide flexibility to meet your needs. We’ll work with companies who need to discuss budgetary flexibility and we’re happy to facilitate that initial face-to-face meeting by personally walking the most qualified candidate for the job into the office.

What do you need to find success in technology recruitment? We’re happy to provide it.

Perceptive Recruiting is the 11th Fastest Growing Small Business in SC!

We Value Workplace Diversity When Providing Technology Recruiting and IT Staffing Solutions

Perceptive Recruiting a WBENC-certified Woman-Owned Company with a commitment to workplace diversity. We believe in seeking diverse candidates with a high level of qualifications, experience, and expertise, and finding the perfect opportunity for them to showcase their skill set and knowledge.

If you are searching for short-term staffing, permanent placement, or contract-to-hire with an eye towards the importance of diversity in the workplace, Perceptive Recruiting is ready to help.

We excel at connecting the right people to the right jobs at the right time, and we’re ready to prove it.

We Have Experience Finding Technology Professionals to Meet Your Company’s Needs

Jill Rose and her team have more than two decades of experience in filling IT-centric roles, including:

Systems & Network Engineering
Software Design & Development
Project Management
Database Analyst/System Analyst
Business Analyst
Helpdesk/Tech Support
ERP/SAP/CRM experts
…and more

Get Started Finding IT Staffing Solutions That Build Lasting Success

For Job Seekers:

Job seekers looking for a list of our currently-open positions can find those here, or send us your résumé to get started discussing your goals and career ambitions for the future.

For Employers:

Companies searching for qualified IT professionals to fulfill technology staffing needs within their organization can contact us at any time by calling (864) 908-0105 or simply clicking this link.

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